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We're about to open the curtain on our Christmas Show; Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" adapted and directed by Sarah Nathan, and featuring local actors, carollers and live music. Bring your best voices to join in the carol singing as you enjoy this dramatic presentation.

Tickets are selling very fast so get yours quickly. For more information on the show, click here: A Christmas Carol - All you need to know, and we'll see you at the Havelock Town Hall for our fantastic Christmas Show


Read The First Review - by Marlborough's Pam Logan:

Havelock Community Theatre

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Adapted and Directed by Sarah Nathan

Havelock Town Hall

Wednesday 14 December 2022.

The people of Havelock were treated to the very best of community theatre on opening night.

Director Sarah Nathan’s assured adaptation of A Christmas Carol, with a well-cast ensemble, Christmas carol singers, members of the Blenheim Brass Band – and a dog – brought Dicken’s story to life in a way that engaged the audience and reminded everyone of the true spirit of Christmas.

Dickens is all about characters, very real characters, and we certainly saw them aplenty.

Ian Cameron made the role of Scrooge his own, crusty and cantankerous to start, through fearful yet curious, transitioning into a generous and life loving character. The lopsided red scarf at this point was a genius costume touch.

Cathy Cocker was a consummate storyteller/narrator guiding us through the story – and a convincing Victorian character in several guises.

Nephew Fred (Spencer Kingi) made an immediate impact with his singing entrance into the doom and gloom of Scrooge’s office and was a convincing character throughout his scenes along with his wife (Kim Weatherhead).

Bob Cratchit’s (Robert Stillion) miserable position in the office was a good contrast, however, it was his easy relationship with Tiny Tim (Alice Spencer) and the rest of his impoverished family that really helped tell the story. Tiny Tim had an engaging stage presence and a strong voice. Together with Mrs Cratchit (Julia Pointon) and the other children the family scenes were strong ensemble playing.

The Ghost of Jacob Marley (John Leary), The Spirit of Christmas Past (Judy Blake-Barlow), The Spirit of Christmas Present (Shalom Delmonte-Aberhart) and the Spirit of Christmas Future (Ced Seatter) with the help of some brilliantly contrasted costumes, all created highly effective and individual characters to move the storyline along.

Ursula Paul and Jennie Johnson provided well drawn cameos as Charity Collectors and Market Ladies.

The set was simply designed, with judicious use of furniture to indicate scenes, and a thrust section which brought the audience right into the action. Even the frequent opening and closing swish of the front curtains were well timed and appropriate.

The use of mist, and clever lighting placement, created mood and atmosphere throughout. Noticeable, for example, when the black cloaked Ghost of Christmas Future faded out to just a gnarled and pointing finger as Scrooge examined his own gravestone.

Sound was highly effective, from the well-paced clock to thunder and ghostly moanings.

Sarah Nathan and her whole team are to be congratulated on bringing this story to life at this time of year. Superbly sung and played Christmas Carols, a well-known and well-told story with a timeless message of good will, along with some deft touches of humour, make this a wonderful way to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Don’t miss A Christmas Carol playing at Havelock Town Hall nightly until Saturday evening with a matinee on Saturday afternoon.